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Before chairs, pews were the traditional furniture items and seating options in nearly all churches. The significant shift from pews to chairs for seating in sanctuaries introduced a lot of new ideas. You will find countless church chair styles and options on the internet. But, choosing the right type of chairs for your congregation is essential.

While quality is the most critical factor when choosing chairs, especially for churches, preferences and cost factors also matter. You don’t want to keep buying new chairs every few years. So, check out the following factors that will help you pick the perfect chair quality and styles for your congregation!

Considerations to Buy Church Chairs

You will encounter numerous brands while on the search for church chairs. Therefore, brand reputation and quality are also important consideration factors. Some of the main things to consider include durability and fabric quality.

· Durability 

Firstly, you want church chairs that can withstand traffic in terms of movement and weight. Congregations aren’t small and could comprise hundreds of people at once based on the sanctuary’s size.

Secondly, churches are significant places so it will be a sizeable investment. To make sure you choose durable church chairs, look for construction evidence, exterior material use, and fastening/bolting technique.

· Storage-Ease/Portability

If you frequently move and reassemble the chairs at the congregation, you will require individual chairs placed side-by-side with each other rather than attached chairs. Plus, you will have to consider lightweight chairs to move and store them easily.

· Level of Comfort

People in a congregation are often seated for a long time, and many attendants include older people. To make sure everyone’s comfortable, choose church chairs that offer lumbar support, soft cushion placement, and armrests if possible. Comfort is essential because the church members will be sitting on them for hours.

· Padding Quality and Fabric

You can pick from a lot of varieties when it comes to church chairs. Investing in padded chairs is an excellent decision because members will sometimes be seated for at least an hour or more. So, you’ll want them to be highly comfortable without experiencing physical discomfort. For that, you can rely on padded chairs.

Order a few sample chairs of your choice to learn whether they’re optimal for your church or not. And consider going for a commercial-grade fabric because church chairs could face a lot of wear and tear.

Why You Should Invest in New Church Chairs

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