Church Pews vs. Chairs

Church Pews vs. Chairs

After hearing the word “church”, many people would imagine a sequence of perfect wooden pews along with a steeple and an organ in the front. However, it might be time to reprise that vision but with a different outlook that involves an upholstered stack of wooden chairs in perfect arrangement.

Apart from the contemporary worship space lining and sitting arrangement, there has been an influx of wooden chairs that allow better flexibility for church attendants and other people. It is safe to say that churches are now slowly making a move towards adopting flexible and modern ways of accommodating their folks.

In contrast, there is yet to be a solid conclusion over what suits the modern churches best. Is it the traditional church pews or the wooden chairs? Below we will outline some characteristics and features of both that may help you choose what’s best for your sanctuary.

Church Pews vs. Chairs


Younger Families

As far as modern families go, the churches are keen on attracting the young generation towards the religion. However, attracting Millennials have never been easy. For that reason, many churches are focusing on the way they accommodate young people and make them comfortable.

Additionally, many new church-comers, especially younger families, have shown an interest in the flexibility and comfort of the wooden stackable chairs. So, churches are considering deliberately replacing the traditional pews with wooden chairs.


On the other hand, many of our senior citizens and older relatives encompass the sentiments attached to the traditional wooden pews in churches. This drives their faith with emotions and sentiments alike. Thereby, this creates a restraint on the switch from contemporary to modern seating style n churches.


Churches are now hosting many different types of gatherings and activities apart from the mere congregations that took place. These include banquets, concerts, children’s carnivals, bible studies, and other similar activities.

Pews, in this case, offer a rigid concept that is neither flexible nor versatile. On the other hand, Chairs are a great solution for those looking to maximize space and improve such gatherings within the charge. What’s more, chairs are easily retractable and movable to avoid unintentional wear and tear.

Space and Capacity

When talking about the church pews vs. chairs dispute, remember to take space and capacity into account. Firstly, pews offer the utmost ease and space to spread out comfortably so that the individuals in congregations feel at ease while praying. Whereas with chairs, it is hard to spread over to either the left or right if the congregation is at full capacity.


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