Questions to ask before buying church chairs

Questions to ask before buying church chairs

Chairs are important pieces of furniture anyone and everyone should own. They help provide comfort by allowing people to sit or recline. For churches seeking to buy new chairs or replace the already existing chairs in the sanctuary, a lot of thought and factors need to be highlighted before settling for the right set of chairs for the congregation. 

Besides owning the required finances, research should also be done to ensure the chosen chairs are supportive, durable, and comfortable. With millions of chair designs, sizes, and types in the furniture market, the following set of questions will help you determine the right set of chairs to buy for your church.

  • What materials is the chair made of?
  • How will the chair style and design suit the church?
  • How much does the chair cost?
  • How durable is the chair?

What material is the chair made of?

Today, there are hundreds of processed and raw materials used in making chairs; these materials range from raw and slightly processed woods and metals, real and faux leathers, plain fabric, polyurethane, mesh and net, memory and fabricated foam, and vinyl. 

Each material offers a wide range of advantages and disadvantages as some are more durable and resistant to biological degradation like wood, pest, or rusting caused by constant exposure to moisture. Ensure the chosen chair materials suits the church sanctuary and can be well maintained.

How will the chair style and design suit the church?

Since church chairs can be made from various materials, these chairs can inadvertently come with different features. These features can be seen from the design, the number of supporting legs, the presence of arm support, and the number of people the chair can comfortably carry. 

For churches with a large number of worshippers, chairs that can comfortably allow five or more people to sit can be very beneficial as it helps reduce cost and manage the available sanctuary space.

How much does the chair cost?

Although proper chair research is paramount before purchasing a church chair, the price range supersedes. A chair type or design might suit all the needs of what the church wants; however, the price can be a limiting factor. 

It’s best to explicitly outline the church’s budget before researching, as it helps streamline the available chair choices to the present financial resources.

How durable is the chair?

Since church chairs will consistently hold a varying amount of weight for a long, it needs to be heavily durable. To check for durability, ensure the chairs are sat on repeatedly and also carefully inspect the quality of the materials used in making the chairs, the levelness, and the joinery.

For wooden chairs, ensure the wood binding is joined using mortis-and-tenon joinery. This type of joinery stands the test of time and can withstand immense pressure. For chairs made with other processed materials like plastics, ensure they are made with the highest form standards.

Should You Invest in a Church Chair?

Getting a church chair can be very tasking as it can be challenging to settle for a chair type that can tick all the necessary standards set by the church. To make this process easier, it’s best to outsource the tasks to a professional organization.

Catholic Purchasing Services is a skilled organization known to provide hundreds of churches with the best set of chairs following their available budget. We relieve churches and religious organizations from the stress of buying chairs by helping them choose the best chairs made with high-grade materials. Contact today to learn more!

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