Installation Checklist

Installation Checklist

In order to accurately quote installation, please review the instructions below and fully complete the web form. For all installations, we kindly ask that you send CPS a floorplan with classrooms clearly identified, along with the furniture to be delivered/installed in that room. Please call 800.237.4125 or email [email protected] for additional assistance. We are happy to set up a conference call to help you complete this form.

We will need:

  • Location, product, and quantity of where product is being installed. Classroom numbers, library, cafeteria, etc.

  • Location where product can be offloaded. 

  • Floorplan of building showing classroom numbers, levels, commons area, etc.

Additional charges could be incurred if any of the following arises:

  • Return Trips: Incorrect/damaged parts, missing parts, customer and/or project is not ready for install, customer delaying project, customer reschedules project.

  • Wait Times: Excessive wait times greater than 1 hour due to shipping delays or customer delays.

  • Elevator: If the use of an elevator is quoted but during install it is not available or being used for other purposes.

  • Debris Removal: Unless otherwise noted, all debris will be disposed of on-site in school receptacles.

  • Product Delivery/Receipt: The access for product delivery/receipt must be within 60 feet of accessible ground level entrance (no steps unless noted).

  • Stairs/Steps: If not noted correctly on bid request, extra charges will be assessed for stairs or additional stairs/steps.

  • Cancellation: Any cancellation of a job within 72 hours of intended schedule, a fee of 20% of total quote will be charged.

Thank You for Ordering

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