LightProgress High-Performance UV-C Air Purifier w TiOx Filter Catalyzer, Wall-Mounted Compact, 27Hx6Lx6W


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Light Progress UV FAN Series in-room air treatment fixtures are designed to circulate and cleanse the air in a room through enclosed UVC and a TiOx filter. These units are safe for occupied spaces. The UV FAN XS is a whisper-quiet unit (32 db) that circulates air with a proven reduction in contaminant load. Because the germicidal UVC light is enclosed in the UV FAN XS unit, these are ideal for cleansing the air in occupied and high-traffic areas. Common applications specific to the UV FAN XS model include elevators, bathrooms, offices, and small conference rooms. Commercial, industrial, educational, health care, institutional, and more can benefit from the dual-technology air purification delivered by the UV FAN products.

• A single UV FAN XS unit can cover approximately 230 square feet, depending on the application.
• 60W High Output lamp, Light Progress selective emission peak at 253.7nm
• Elimination of Viruses, Bacteria and any other pathogen certified by University tests
• High Quality Stainless Steel externalBody
• Germicide Chamber inside, mirrored bright Aluminium to enhance UV power
• Special honeycomb TiOx filter with Titanum Dioxide Nanoparticles and silver salts photoactivated to avoid NOCs and VOCs and increase Indoor Air Quality at each air passage
• 24 hours continuous operation time, in presence and absence of people
• Power supply electronic Ballasts specific for UV-Clamps
• 50-60 m3/h air flow disinfection
• Horizontal or vertical application on wall
• Super compact size, it fits everywhere

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