Artcobell MOV Stool 18″

Artcobell MOV Stool 18″

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Research shows that children who are more active exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing and higher memory retention than those who spend the day sitting still. These adaptable seating options work in collaborative areas or as alternatives to traditional desk seating. MOV is an active stool that promotes user movement and activity. Students love to move and MOV supports that natural urge in a fun and productive way.

• 18″ Seat height
• The padded seating surface utilizes a durable non-skid thermoplastic rubber that is scratch and scuff resistant.
• The reinforced polypropylene shell is durable and lightweight which makes it easy to move while sitting and easy to move around the room.
• With a wider stance, the MOV stool is stable and safe to use.
• The convex base design allows students the freedom to move in all directions and the non-skid thermoplastic rubber base provides great traction and keeps the stool from sliding. 

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