Finding kid-friendly furniture options that are functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing is a challenge. The Whitney Brothers 5 coat locker is one of the most popular choices for parents and daycare providers looking for children’s furniture that’s actually worth the cost. If this 5-coat locker isn’t on your list to consider yet, it’s time to change that!

Promote Independence

Arguably the biggest benefit of this 5-coat locker is the way it promotes independence in young children. Each locker features a coat hanger for your child to hang their coat or backpack. There’s also a sitting area, perfect for your child to take a seat while they put their shoes on.

A storage cubby is located above each coat rack, perfect for kids to store their lunch box, a favorite toy, or schoolbooks. There’s another storage cubby below each coat rack. The bottom storage cubby is designed to hold shoes, but it can be used for anything!

The design of the Whitney Brothers 5 coat locker invites children to take a seat and put on their own shoes, pack their bag, put on their jacket, and be ready to head out the door. When they get back, they have a go-to place to put all of their outside items from the day. This added level of independence is great for the growing mind of a child and their parents’ sanity!

Eliminating Clutter

As if having a more independent child isn’t motivation enough, having a cleaner home is the icing on the cake. The coat locker system gives every item a designated place. Instead of finding a trail of shoes, jackets, backpacks, and toys throughout the home, they’ll all be kept neatly in the coat rack.

It makes getting out the door in the morning a breeze! You won’t have to run around searching for the other shoe or one child’s backpack ever again. Everything has a place, so it’s easy to find what you need when it’s time to go somewhere.

A Stylish Option for Kids Furniture

Another reason the Whitney Brothers locker is so popular is how stylish the design is. The lockers are a neutral color with no visible hardware. You can leave it as-is for a clean design piece that won’t interrupt the flow of your home, or let each child decorate their own cubby space for a unique twist. Something as simple as adding a nametag to the top of each locker will make it easy for kids to know which space is theirs, without ruining the look of the room.

Contact Catholic Purchasing Services today to get your Whitney Brothers 5 coat locker ordered! Your only regret after receiving this locker system will be that you didn’t buy it sooner!

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