Why Clergy Should Wear Clericals


As a leader of an organization, the way you dress speaks a lot about you.  People can identify who you are when they see the outfit on you. The same applies to a clergyman saddled with church duties and obligations. Once you attain this position, wearing clericals is ideal for getting recognition for functions you perform.  Apart from the awareness, there are other advantages of wearing clericals as a member of the clergy.

Here’s the merit you should know:

  • It facilitates the Services they represent

If a stranger meets you for the first time in a clerical, he can tell the function you perform because it serves as a badge of service. It is a symbol of commitment, indicating that your obligations are inevitable. It is impossible to join the congregation while wearing the clerical. No one confuses you with someone else because your clothing indicates who you are.

  • It increases your Focus

Your outfits signify that you are a pastor, which places a specific role. You are not a part of the congregation, which increases your concentration on the pastoring job. Your function is not conflicting with others. Putting on the uniform of your vocation, your job is to equip the workers in the pews and the saints to flex their ministry of reconciliation in God’s world.

  • Prevent mixed messages

Wearing the clerical makes it easy to understand the minister’s intention when controversies arise. Visiting places like hotels or drug dealing areas doesn’t mean the priest is a part of the illegal movement. By merely looking at the clerical he puts on, it clears the air regarding possible speculation about the visits. However, if he visits in a layman’s dress, it won’t be easy to distinguish the clergyman’s intentions.

  • Safeguard for the Clergy

The clerical collar is reassurance and reminder for the priest regarding his identity and responsibility. It prevents you from deviating from the mission to focus on your task as a priest, deacon, or bishop.

  • A Magnet to Pull People to God

How you dress accompanied by a smile when passing through the street can be convincing. You are a visible sign of God that can pull people closer to the Almighty. Getting more people comes with fulfillment as a leader in the ministry. 

Wear Clericals With CPS

Wearing clericals is not for fashion, but it brings a sense of purpose. It’s a rare opportunity given to you to equip the congregation for their respective ministry of reconciliation. If you need clerical, Catholic Purchasing Services can provide you high quality clergy clothes that you need. Simply contact us and a member of our team will contact you.

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