What Are The Type Of Dollies

Heavy Duty Black Dolly

There is a vast range of dollies available whether you need to move heavy furniture, heavy electronics, or large metal containers, you can find the appropriate dolly for the job. Dollies will always be there to move stuff around on. There are many different kinds of dollies, such as those made specifically for moving objects like machine rollers, tri-glides, toe jacks, and specialized dollies.

Dollies are so varied that you could feel compelled to embark on a shopping binge. However, stay glued as we will discuss extensively the types of dollies you need to know.

What Exactly Are Dollies?

Dolly is synonymous with a hand truck, hit truck, trolley, sack truck, and many more. However, dollies come in various forms and serve various purposes. If you operate in a field that requires physical labor, you will likely need to purchase dollies for your company. Many individuals have seen dollies because of their frequent usage by moving businesses.

Given the level with which they are required, dollies are available in a broad range of sizes and costs, so you won’t have to spend extra cash for a large model when a little one would be enough for your needs.

You can find dollies in a wide range of sizes and styles, and you can use them for more than one thing at a time. Some people can transport certain items, while others are responsible for transporting more oversized items.

Beds, circles, stands, carts, and mowers are all examples of dollies. They have a variety of forms that make them stand out from one another, but these are the ones most easily recognized by the average person.

Drums, for instance, can be moved with the help of the round dollies. Bed dollies are used to transport pianos. You can also construct tables out of the cart dollies.

Types of Dollies

Vestil’s Heavy-Duty Drum Dolly

Although, there are other types to choose from, all of which can hold up to 2,000 pounds. However, one variant, the Octro Drum Dolly, is designed to move 55-gallon barrels with the utmost steadiness attributable to its eight iron swivel casters.

Wesco Heavy Furniture Mover

If you need to move bulky items or have an unusually shaped load, go no further than this reasonably priced heavy-duty dolly. These dollies can carry items up to 3,950 pounds.

Table Storage and Mover Truck

This sturdy table truck can accommodate up to ten standard-sized round foldable tables, making it ideal for situations when you need to relocate a large number of tables quickly. It’s also suitable for use on plastic or wooden tables.

Tandem Dollies

Do you need to move heavy machinery, metal framework, or other large items? Tandem Dollies provide the necessary 4-point movement system for your task, ensuring that your loads are supported and stable.

When moving bulky items with legs, tandem dollies are in handy. When combined with the corresponding F-dolly for the rear support, these Dollies are intended to provide the function of the front support.

Container Dollies

Transporting ISO containers properly is safer and more efficient, while moving large containers with two forklifts is risky and inefficient. The purpose of Container Dollies is to provide safe transportation across any terrain.

Dollies for moving containers include nonslip surfaces, scuff-free rollers, and cones that fit into the container’s four feet and lock in place.

The container locks will keep all dollies securely fastened together when traveling over rough terrain (such as pavement, gravel, or concrete).

Rotating Dollies

Due to the unique hinges on the skates, Rotating Dollies can rotate in all directions. Therefore, in addition to their usefulness on the factory line, you can easily move these dollies about the facility.

All of these features and the ability to turn sharply and easily navigate obstacles while maintaining stability make it ideal for use in various situations.

Which Dolly is For You?

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