Back to School Checklist

For most experienced teachers, getting your classroom ready for the start of the new academic year might seem impossible. Also, there is a lot to accomplish in a short period, some of which are simple to forget.

Keeping yourself well-organized and on top of your most pressing responsibilities can let you relax a little and guarantee that you’ll be ready for your student’s arrival. Utilize this checklist as a reference, and be sure you tackle each item one at a time.

Curriculum Revision and Planning

It’s vital to get the word out to parents about any upcoming field excursions, special events, or changes to the regular schedule as soon as possible once a decision is made on the year’s curriculum.

In addition, it’s easier to arrange your classroom and organize your resources if you have a plan for the school year or at least the first three months of the year’s curriculum.

Crafting a Greeting Letter or Video

Writing a welcome letter that contains essential data for students and their parents is the next step after deciding on the curriculum and making a thorough plan for at least the first three months.

This contains any necessary materials for school and any impending policies and procedures for the next academic year. Consider what you need to communicate to others before the new year begins. The following are some recommendations that might perhaps be of use to you:

Create an Appropriate Atmosphere For the Class

Creating a healthy learning atmosphere in which the success of each student can be encouraged is essential to running any productive classroom. To improve your chances of attaining your goals, ensure that your classroom is well-organized and stocked with all the supplies you and your pupils will need regularly.

  • Set up your workspace and choose a comfortable chair.
  • Put the chairs and desks in the correct order.
  • Set up the classroom’s bookshelves and chairs.
  • Incorporate collaborative study spaces with interactive bulletin boards.
  • Make sure the emergency exit protocol is visible.
  • Test all of the gadgets and tools that could be used in a classroom.
  • A timetable for the students, a calendar, the lunch menu, and any notices should be posted.

Extensive First-Week Preparation

Getting back into the swing of things during the first week of class may be challenging. However, preparedness is key to setting the tone for the remainder of the academic year. Follow these guidelines to better prepare for the inevitable first-week surprises.

  • Sort out your lists of emergency contacts.
  • Get some ice-breaking exercises ready for your class.
  • Make all the necessary printouts for the week.
  • Learn more about the students by reading their files.
  • Make a sign-up sheet for volunteers.
  • Plan out a whole week’s worth of courses and exercises.

Using a Planner Regularly

You should use this time to clean and update any planners, grade books, notebooks, or other organizers you regularly use in preparation for the upcoming school year.

If you value efficiency and order, it is recommended that you maintain a planner with a checklist similar to the one provided in this article. In addition to tasks, the planner should contain information about the instructional materials and supplies you or the school will need to purchase.

Regulations and Restrictions

The last component of the welcome letter, which is also essential, should provide information on the policies and procedures that will be in place for the following year.

Hygiene practices, immunization or testing processes, disinfecting items, wearing masks, maintaining appropriate distances, working with school supplies, sharing procedures, disinfection guidelines, eating in the classroom, etc.

Ready For the New Year?

We hope you found our teacher checklist helpful. We aimed to provide a wide range of activities necessary for most teachers. In various ways, Catholic Purchasing Services is available to help all of the hard-working educators out there. So have fun with it, and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if you get stuck.

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