Four Corner Steel Picnic Table

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. It’s time to spruce up your patio and find the perfect picnic table to enjoy the warm weather in the company of your loved ones. Be it your morning coffee, brunch, or happy hour, this piece of furniture will define the quality of your experience. There are many things to consider such as the size, material, color, and features. Let’s take a look!

The Materials Picnic Tables Are Made Of

Picnic tables usually come in one of three materials: wood, plastic, or metal. There are advantages and disadvantages to each so the one you choose will depend on the type of weather where you live. Also on your intended use of the picnic table, and available space.

Plastic Picnic Tables

Picnic tables made with plastic are the cheapest and thus, perfect if you need one in a hurry. They’re not built to last a lifetime but will if you treat them right. Especially if they’re made from sturdy plastic. Furthermore, these types of tables are lightweight and you can easily move them around your yard or into storage. Cover them with a tablecloth if you want to hide the plastic.

Wooden Picnic Tables

This material is timeless and quality furniture made from it is usually heavy and sturdy, an advantage in windy places but a disadvantage when it comes to moving them around. A well-made wooden table should be treated with waterproof varnish or paint, especially if it rains a lot where you live.

Metal Picnic Tables

This is the best material for picnic tables and there are many types to choose from. Some are lightweight and may even fold up while others are heavy and sturdy. The right one would even become a sort of sculptural accent in your garden.

Concrete Picnic Tables

Finally, a concrete picnic table isn’t as common as the ones we mentioned above but you can find them on the market. You might want to consider getting one if you’re looking for something permanent in your garden.

The Desirable Features of Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are actually quite diverse and there are many features to look for as you try to find the perfect one. This can range from attached benches, which will always be in sight, to the type of surface. For instance, some people preferred detached benches because it makes it easier to move them around and adjust to the situation. However, you must keep in mind they might fall over. Also, many picnic tables come with perforated surfaces that make cleaning quite a bit easier, especially when something spills. It all depends on your personal choice. Contact Catholic Purchasing Services to help choose the right table for you!

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Leisure Craft 8' Portable Picnic Table Perforated Leisure Craft 8' Surface Mount Picnic Table Perforated Leisure Craft 6' Portable Picnic Table
$833.17 $840.85 $692.32

• 11 Gauge perforated metal seats and top
• Black powder coated galvanized steel 2″ tubular under structure
• Thermoplastic finish
• $60 upcharge to add an umbrella hole

• 11 Gauge perforated metal seats and top
• Black powder coated galvanized steel 2″ tubular under structure
• Thermoplastic finish
• $60 upcharge to add an umbrella hole

• 9 Gauge expanded metal seats and top with Umbrella hole
• Black powder coated galvanized steel 2 3/8″ tubular legs
• Thermoplastic finish
• 1 3/4″ Umbrella hole

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