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Altar linens are a piece of cloth used during one of the most important celebrations Christians partake in known as the Holy Communion, also known as the Eucharist. Christians receive the Holy Communion in remembrance of the events that took place before the death of Christ. As this is a very holy act, it is the church’s responsibility to ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the altar linen cloth that makes direct contact with the Eucharist. Mentioned below is how you have to care for and clean the altar lines to have a respectful last supper celebration.

1.    Maintenance of Altar Cloths

Cleaning and washing of Altar cloths are a must if anything spills on it unless it has stains of any sacramental elements. The cleaning must take place with a prayer, and the cloth should have an absorbent material so that you can easily clean it.

The altar linen is a symbol of Christ as the living stone in his people; hence taking care of it and cleaning it is essential. If the altar linen has any sign of defects and seems worn out, you should instantly dispose of it by burning them out through burial.

2.    Use of Purificators

A person must use a white purificator to clean the sacred vessels and the lip of the chalice from which the blessed wine pours out. It is also a symbol of the blood of Christ. While pouring the blessed wine, it is likely to spill on the vessels and cloth; hence you should use purificators and wash it with laundry soap in a respectful way.

3.    Use a Corporal

A corporal is a type of spread that appears beneath the chalice and patents. These are also sometimes used as a side table. The corporal should be white; must be cleaned and laundered regularly to eliminate unnecessary particles or stains.

4.    The Lavabo Towels

Lavabo Towels are another thing used during the holy sacrament. The priests have to use it before preparing the Lord’s table. The primary purpose of the towel is to dry the priest’s hands and should be of absorbent material.


You have to treat altar linen with the utmost respect as they are much more than just a piece of cloth. You must follow the above ways to maintain the altar cloth and other sacramental materials. For more guidance and help in the maintenance of sacramental materials, get in touch with (insert company name).

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