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QTS is the Preferred Payroll & Human Resources Provider for Catholic Purchasing Services

Solutions for the Business of People

Integrated payroll, human resources, time keeping and scheduling, recordkeeping, reporting and compliance. Flexible and fully customized to meet the business and people needs of your organization.

Simple & Affordable

QTS makes managing the important business of people in your organization simple and affordable, while reducing the costly risks of errors and compliance oversights.

Straight-forward and easy to use, your managers and employees can access and change data and handle needed functions from any location, saving hundreds of hours annually that can be devoted to other tasks. The intuitive QTS system easily navigates between payroll, timekeeping, and human resources functions, while fully integrating with accounts payable systems. No double entry, manual processing or spreadsheets. It puts you in control.

Is Custom and Flexible More Expensive?

With QTS’ affordable pricing, you’ll save at least 25% compared to the cost of your current services from other national providers.

Easy Start Up

Are you currently using an outside provider or an in-house system? In either case, setting up and migrating to the QTS platform is painless. They transition the information and work with you side-by-side throughout the process. No stacks of paper, headaches, or delays in payroll.

Why Choose QTS?

Advanced technology combined with exceptional service differentiates QTS from other payroll companies. It has made them the vendor of choice in provider-to-provider comparisons. Their commitment is to you. They personally know each of their partner companies, strive to understand their business goals and operations, and adapt services to meet their needs.


  • Comprehensive Payroll and Tax
  • Scheduling and Time Keeping
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Recordkeeping
  • Tracking, Reporting and Analytics
  • Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Workers Compensation (Pay as You Go)


  • Cloud based to run payroll or make employee changes from anywhere
  • Employee self service
  • Integrated source of employee and payroll-related information
  • Mobile and desktop flexibility for any work setting
  • Automate routine, repetitive and specialized tasks
  • Standard and customized analytics
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use platform


  • Live 1:1 support by highly experienced, friendly team members who know you and your organization and can quickly resolve most issues in one call. No automated service attendants.
  • Dedicated phone and email support for Catholic Purchasing Services (CPS) organizations
  • Helpful resources and tools to support your organization’s team and business processes
  • Advanced technology continually updated to fit changing employer needs and compliance requirements
  • Fully-coordinated functionality reduces time and irritation of re-entering data into multiple stand-alone platforms
  • Accounts payable system integration eliminates headaches of duplicate data entry. (Based on attributes of the specific AP system, there may be a small fee for customization.)
  • Flexible to meet the needs of organizations with different sizes and business requirements
  • Savings realized from reduction in processing time, errors, and compliance risks flow directly to the bottom line
  • Straightforward pricing affordable for any organization
  • Special options for CPS affiliates

QTS provides people solutions for your mission-driven organization.

Payroll Solutions Include:
  • Robust cloud-based payroll platform that tracks, monitors and reports an array of standard and customizable indicators
  • Multi-location and multi-state capability
  • Federal, state and local tax compliance
  • Simple intuitive platform and interface
  • Pay cards
  • New hire reporting
  • Quick set up and launch of initial and ongoing payroll
  • Same hour processing with next morning delivery
  • Integrated HR functionality
Human Resources Solutions Include:
  • Comprehensive human capital management functionality
  • Recruitment
  • Salary surveys
  • Performance reviews
  • Background checks
  • EEO classification
  • Education tracking
  • Expense reporting
  • Benefits management
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Employee handbooks
  • Audits
  • Compliance
  • Web-based training courses
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Complete HR outsourcing and remote consulting from certified human resources staff
Timekeeping & Scheduling Solutions Include:
  • Time, attendance and labor system accessible via mobile or desktop. Easy to use by managers and employees in any location, inputting from PCs, traditional or biometric clocks, smartphones or voice systems
  • Scheduling to create, manage and share with employees to streamline processes, ensure shift coverage and manage overtime
  • Real-time editing, reporting and tracking of data
  • Integrated with the payroll system to eliminate manual data entry

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