Windsor Cadet 7 Carpet Extractor 7 Gallon

Windsor Cadet 7 Carpet Extractor 7 Gallon

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The Cadet 7 is a robust and efficient carpet extractor that deep cleans carpets to like-new condition. Using a 7-gallon solution tank and 7-gallon recovery tank, this machine sprays a diluted solution onto the carpet where it can be agitated using a 15-inch brush. Its floating vacuum shoe then follows the contour of the carpet for superior recovery. Brush settings are adjustable to eight cleaning positions and a storage position to increase brush life. Accessory tools can also be attached to quick-connect ports for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and other detail areas. The Cadet 7 is easy to use thanks in part to it intuitive operator controls, and its ergonomic design allows for hours of pain-free operation.

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