Will & Baumer Paschal Candle Risen Christ 3″ x 36″

Will & Baumer Paschal Candle Risen Christ 3″ x 36″

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The central cross on the candle design identifies it as the Christ candle and its flame burns despite the death Christ endured.

The Greek letters Alpha and Omega signify that the Word of God is present from creation until the end of time.

The current year is identified to signify that God is present among those gathered here and now around the candle.

Each Paschal Candle is handcrafted with full-color applique and painted raised wax applied by skilled Will & Baumer® artisans.

The candle core is 51% beeswax, blended and combined with a lead-free cotton fiber wick to ensure a long lasting, smoke-free burn.

For 160 years, Will & Baumer® has handcrafted paschal candles using popular symbols to give meaning to the important spiritual moments of our lives. Each and every Will & Baumer® candle is made with reverence that gives glory to our Lord in your Sanctuary.

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