Preparing for Back to School Routines

Finally, free from the havoc of the pandemic, schools are beginning to get back to physical learning. Although the covid-19 virus seems to be under control, the need to continue with precautions is still emphasized. 

Vaccines have not yet been entirely administered to check the spread of viral infection. There are, therefore, concerns about the possibility of another outbreak, especially in a setting that requires crowding. That, in effect, means that schools must introduce new rules. 

What can be done to reduce the risk of another outbreak, especially in a school?

Things to do

Here is a list of routines that could be put in place for an easy transition back to physical learning for school administrators.

  • Handwashing Centres

These handwashing stands should be germ-free and designed to have foot pedals to limit the need to touch surfaces with the hands. They should also have ready soap disposal systems that allow for a good wash. They may be designed to be mobile or be built at strategic locations to aid frequent use.


  • Morning Routine Check 

Designate this role to a disciplined staff member to have a thermometer handy and check students every morning for symptoms. When school starts, a temperature of about 100.4C or symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, headaches, and body ache should mean that such a kid should be kept at home for no less than a day after the symptom has ceased.


  • Mark Frequently Touched Surfaces and Have Sanitizers there.

Marking frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, doorknobs, or even light switches to help students avoid touching them. That will significantly limit the risk of a spread. It will also be good to have hand sanitizers fixed in these locations so that students who have touched the surfaces can use them.


  • Tissue and Face Wipe Boxes

It is not enough to help them avoid touching surfaces. Students feel the need to touch or scratch their faces once in a while. It will be thoughtful to have face wipes and tissue boxes located at strategic points to help serve as an alternative.


  • Mask Wearing

Make mask-wearing fun. That can be done by having fun stickers on them. Having face masks in different colors can also do the trick.


  • Tables with Clear Dividers

This innovative idea is ideal because it limits the body contact between the students. They should not be high enough to destroy the interaction needed for psychological growth but should not be low enough to encourage excess physical touching.



These routines will significantly assist in reducing the risk of another outbreak of viral infection within the school community. It will also lessen the possibility of any fatal cases associated with the covid-19 virus.


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