Our Story

Our Beginnings

Over 30 years ago, a group of diocesan purchasing managers came together to combine their individual purchasing strength so they could achieve even greater savings for their institutions. This concept became a reality when we incorporated in 1985 as the national nonprofit support organization of the Catholic Church. Throughout our history, Catholic Purchasing Services has remained focused on our very simple mission — save money for churches, schools and other religious organizations.

Exclusively Serve Religious Institutions

As the national, nonprofit purchasing organization of the Catholic Church, we exclusively serve religious institutions — churches, schools and universities, religious health care institutions and other religious organizations — that identify as a nonprofit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt religious organization. Our services extend to all denominations.

Leverage Buying Power

Catholic Purchasing Services leverages the potential buying power of 40,000 religious institutions nationally to negotiate cost savings through discounts and volume purchasing programs with hundreds of major, quality suppliers. We have carefully selected a mix of national and regional U.S. suppliers who understand our mission and want to work with us to provide religious institutions quality products and services at very competitive prices.

No Cost to Use Our Services

No matter the size of an organization, religious institutions can benefit from purchasing products and services through Catholic Purchasing Services. There is no cost to use our services— no group or association to join, no membership fees or dues.

Motivated by Service to the Church

As part of the Catholic Church, we are motivated by service and not by profit. The value in our service goes beyond cost savings. Our experienced, knowledgeable customer service team — many of who have been with us since the beginning — understands the unique needs and financial limits our customers face and are experts on the items we represent.

Catholic Purchasing Services, located in Newton, Massachusetts, operates with 11 full-time employees. We are governed by a board of trustees, led by an Episcopal liaison appointed by the USCCB and comprised of both religious and lay members who are committed to our mission. They are supported by our remaining founding partners who represent seven dioceses throughout the country.