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At Matéflex we know sports flooring. That’s why we engineer all our state-of-the-art sports surfaces for peak performance and near bulletproof durability. Our modular floor tiles are portable and extremely low maintenance. And that’s not all – these interlocking floor tiles are affordable and easy to install.

Matéflex is the oldest U.S. modular tile manufacturer. We’ve been doing this since 1974 and we keep finding new ways to do it better.

Attention to detail and dedication to rigorous standards make our snap-together tiles a high quality solution for all sports surfaces. We oversee all aspects of the manufacturing process, so we’re on the front lines when it comes to quality control. As a floating flooring manufacturer, we’re committed to using the finest materials, and continually refining the manufacturing process to achieve the highest possible standards.

It all adds up to highly functional, specialized flooring solutions brought to you by America’s premier manufacturer of modular flooring. Matéflex is an excellent choice for any sports flooring for Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Pickleball, and many more.


Matéflex Sports Flooring FAQS

What type of surface should Mateflex Modular Flooring Tiles be Installed Over?

Concrete or asphalt is preferred, but any solid, smooth and level surface will work. Please note: Our tiles can be put over crushed stone outdoors, but it is not advised for long-term performance and durability. 

What is the life expectancy of Mateflex Flooring?

Our courts come with a 15-year warranty but the life expectancy is more than 20 years.

How Are Game Lines Applied to the Surface?

Game lines are masked out using quality tapes then treated with specialized primers and an application of a high-performance, specialized 2-part polyurethane paint.

Small DIY courts can be painted in-house in our controlled paint room setting, but larger court layouts are typically painted on site.

Can Mateflex Courts be a DIY Installation?

Yes! Many customers choose to do these projects on their own. If you already have a concrete or asphalt pad in place and are looking to spruce it up by overlaying our tile system, DIY is the way to go. Or, you can hire your trusted local contractor to build the base for the court and install the tiles to keep your costs down.

What Are The Advantages of the Expansion Joint Technology?

When plastic is put out into the elements, it will expand and contract with varying temperatures and sun conditions. If this is not accommodated for in the design and installation of the modular tile surface, several issues can arise. The surface can shift over time, buckle in extreme heat, and cause inaccurate game line dimensions just to name a few. Matéflex accounts for all of this with its unique expansion joint technology.


This technology is what sets our outdoor court flooring surfaces above the competition for all sports. The expansion joints allow the tiles to be flexible and conform better to uneven sub-surfaces, providing more consistent ball bounces than any other outdoor tile on the market


The expansion joints also allow the court to be fastened to the subsurface around the perimeter of the court. This is done for several practical reasons, the first being to prevent physical or thermal movement of the surface throughout its long service life. When properly fastened, the tiles are designed to expand and contract within their own footprint, eliminating any concerns with thermal expansion. This allows the tiles to be trimmed tight to any vertical obstruction, giving the court a very clean and finished look. It also ensures that your game line dimensions will be accurate regardless of temperature and sun conditions.


The expansion joint technology is one of many reasons Matéflex Flooring surfaces are the perfect balance of performance and durability for your next outdoor sports court project.

How does the ball react on Matéflex Modular Flooring?

We’ve designed our basketball court flooring with performance in mind. The ball will react very similarly to a traditional concrete or asphalt surface. We test basketball response on all surfaces measuring the percentage of the rebound height normally produced on concrete. FIBA requires a minimum of 93% rebound, while all of Matéflex modular tile surfaces range from 99%-100%. 

Are The Tiles Slippery When Wet?

As with any surface, the tiles can be slippery when wet. With that being said, our tiles typically dry quicker than traditional surfaces—allowing you to get back to your game as soon as possible.

I have some tiles that need to be replaced. What is the procedure to remove the old tile and replace with a new tile?

One of the main advantages of using a modular tile system is the ability to easily remove and replace tiles in the center of your court. This ability is valuable for court owners should they need to replace a damaged tile or access the subsurface underneath their flooring. To remove a tile, we would recommend using a wide, thin tool (such as a standard 5 in 1 tool or putty knife) to gently wedge between the seams of your tiles, using the edge of the tile as a lever to pop up the locks underneath. Once you have disengaged a large enough section of tile locks, you should be able to remove the rest of the tile by hand. Learn more.

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