Perhaps, no sight is as gory as watching members of a church troop into the church only to sit on dusty chairs and touch dusty doorknobs. They are most likely to pay attention to the dirty environment more than to the preacher’s sermons. 

It may not also surprise to see that the number of church members dwindles as they go out to fill another church. That is the plight of clergymen when the church is not kept in a tidy condition.


Why should the church have a janitorial cleaning service?

  • Consistency

Usually, the church is cleaned by the volunteering members who take turns to do the cleaning. But the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic on the world emphasized the need to have a separate unit with the definite objective of keeping the church clean. That will mean that whether there is a lockdown or not, the house of God is always kept clean.

  • Legal Liability

A dirty church may become a concern for the community in a brief period, mainly if the cause of a viral infection or illness is traced back to the church or its surrounding. Local councils or the District Attorney could begin to explore provisions in the law to close down the church building in the interest of public health and safety.

  • Health concerns

Members of the church may decide to stop attending the service in a dirty church for health-related reasons. Fears of allergies and respiratory issues for asthma patients and others may force members to prefer another church to a dirty one.


Tips for managing the church janitorial cleaning services

  • Cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, brushes, and towels should be kept in a separate room in the church for ready availability.
  • The governing representatives of the church should hire professional janitors. If not, the cleaners doing it for free must be disciplined.
  • Cleaners should be designated to keep the church building clean irrespective of whether it is in use or not.
  • The cost of the janitorial services must be set aside for the smooth running of the cleaning contracts.
  • The appropriate cleaning committee should ensure that a definite program keeps the church environment and surrounding clean.



Keeping the church building hygienic helps to contribute to public health. That will prevent the spread of bacteria and infectious viruses. Public health is, therefore, better protected.

It will be difficult to close down the church building by ordinances and legal provisions on the grounds of public safety. Mayors and Local Council Heads will find no settings for ordering the closure of the church building.



There are numerous benefits for keeping the house of the lord clean. If your church is in need of supplies, contact Catholic Purchasing Services today to learn more about services!


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