How to Safely Prepare for Back to School Environment

A school lockdown is a nightmare for students, parents, and management. There have been 18 shooting incidents at schools throughout the United States in the first four months this year. Generally, schools are a safe place for students, but increasing crime rates on the premises are making it essential for school management to focus on security. They can develop protective guidelines to ensure further safety. Below, we will discuss some key elements to improve protection for students so they can focus on academics without fear.

1.     Entrances

You can easily control the building by limiting access through the entrances, especially during school hours. You can design single entry points for staff and a separate one for students. The entrance for the faculty should include a protected system operated through a keycard reader and keypad.

This system should recognize every individual entering the school through a biometric identification system. Furthermore, student entrance should include two-way radio communications for the confirmation of the students. There should be a visitor’s entrance that should contain a video intercom system. Faculty and students arriving late should pass through that gate.

2.     Door Security

When the doors are not in use, they should be kept locked. Furthermore, all the entrances should include a door security system that triggers a lockdown. An intruder trying to enter the premises is what triggers the system. This automatic security system locks the classroom so the intruder cannot access them, ensuring the protection of the children.

3.     Interior and Exterior Visibility

If you want to keep the students and faculty safe, you need to have maximum visibility of the school. You need to know what is happening around the school. For instance, there should be spots around the school where you can have a clear sight of the hallways and recess areas. You can enhance visibility using Crime Prevention through Environmental Design principles. For instance, windows around the school will improve visibility and help you notice potential intruders approaching the building.

4.     Cameras

Surveillance cameras also increase the visibility of the school. These cameras help you monitor the school in real-time and record images. You can also link these cameras with a smart motion sensor. These advanced security cameras help prevent critical events as well as save the data or events for your operations.

5.     Monitoring

Other than security threats there are plenty more areas you should focus on. For instance, maintaining the light, air, and sound quality. For that, you can include sensors. These devices help you maintain the security measures to protecting the school. It notifies about seismic activities, loud disturbances, temperature changes, and vaping. The best part about these sensors is that you can install them in private locations, such as bathrooms.


If you are thinking about strengthening the security in the school, you need to have a security plan. Planning will help you identify the types of threats and determine the optimal solutions. You can seek help from professional security companies. They will inspect the school and help you secure the staff and students from internal and external threats. Give us a call if you want more information about enhancing the security measures.

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