How To Find The Right Church Chair For Your Congregation

How To Find The Right Church Chair For Your Congregation

Any decision-making process can be time-consuming, including choosing the appropriate chair for your congregation. It is not a decision you can decide on your own. You can form a committee to discuss before concluding. Given the things to consider, it might not be clear how to satisfy the preferences of everyone. Comfortability and style are very important, but budget remains the primary determinant.

Here’s what you should consider:

  • The Church Chair Sizes

The common chair sizes produced by manufacturers include 18.5 inches, 20.5 inches, and 21 inches wide. Armless chairs are slimmer than the ones with arms. Before deciding, it is necessary to understand the size that suits your congregation. If the sizes above do not match your requirement, you can opt for customized sizing. However, standard church chair sizes are dependable and relatively cheap.

  • Possibility of Increased Congregation 

Not having sufficient seating arrangements can create an unwanted experience for new members joining the church. A crucial decision is making enough church chairs available to accommodate people with different demographic characteristics, especially weight. While the size is important, overlooking the weight capacity might jeopardize your plan. Going for stronger church chair options would be ideal if the majority are above average weight.

  • Chair Types

As there are different sizes, so are the types. Space and events are determinants to consider when choosing chairs for your church. For example, standard chair sizes are the best for sanctuaries and large spaces but not ideal for weddings and baptisms. Since the church event is not limited to Sunday services, there can be event chairs for other occasions. Also, meeting chairs are suitable for small groups and gatherings.

  • Understand the Product Dimension

Irrespective of the model you opt for, it is necessary to be conversant with the product specification to know the chair’s dimensions. Understanding the width, depth, and height will help you determine its comfortability for your congregation. Learn about the dimensions, especially the overall and seat measurement. These are two critical factors that speak primarily about the chair’s comfort. You can estimate the number of chairs your church can contain with that in mind.

  • Consider the Church Chair’s price

Sizes determine the price of church chairs, although there are exceptions. Overstocking may force manufacturers to offer discounts for some models, even larger sizes. You can capitalize on this for your church needs. However, you cannot possibly depend on that if you don’t have prior knowledge. So, creating a budget for your church chair’s needs is essential. It guides your purchasing decision.

Choosing the right chair for your church

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