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Air purifiers aren’t new by any means, but they became a lot more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. Air purifiers have been proven to lower the risk of Covid-19 transmission indoors. Areas that have a lot of people in a space, like a church, are considered high-risk environments that can greatly benefit from the use of an air purifier. If you’re looking for an air purifier for your church and aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help!

Determine the Size of the Space

Before you can get an air purifier, you need to determine the volume of the church. Do this by multiplying the square footage of the church and the height from floor to ceiling. If the ceilings are vaulted, measure from the highest point. Now you have the volume of the church and can move on to the next step!

Calculate the CADR

When you’re shopping for an air purifier, you’ll see a CADR listed for each one. This number is the amount of air that the purifier can clean each hour. Determining the CADR your church needs is easy! Take the volume of the church that we found in the first step and multiply it by 2. This is the CADR an air purifier must have to efficiently clean the air in the church.

Typically, air purifiers get more expensive the higher the CADR is. Purchasing an air purifier with a higher CADR number than you need isn’t a bad thing, but it also isn’t necessary. The minimum CADR for your church based on the formula used above is sufficient to clean the air and lower the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

Make a List

Next, narrow down your search by making a list of air purifiers with the correct CADR. Organize the list by brand, price, or whatever makes sense for your mind. Take some time to read customer reviews of the air purifiers you’re considering. If a purifier has consistently bad reviews, it’s probably best to take it off the list.

Evaluate the Noise Levels

The final thing you have to consider before purchasing an air purifier is the noise level. Some air purifiers are almost silent, while others would be disruptive to a church service. Listening to the air purifier in person is ideal, but online reviews can give some helpful insight too. Consider where you’ll be putting the air purifier and how loud it is. Louder purifiers may be cheaper, but will it stop certain congregation members from being able to hear the service? If so, find something quieter.

Contact Catholic Purchasing Services today if you have any questions about finding an air purifier for your church. We can review our inventory options and help you find the perfect purifier for your church!

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