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Every business, regardless of its size, needs supplies – from paper and pens to computers and coffee machines. Today we’d like to give you a list of the most essential office supplies you need for your business.

1.   Phones, Digital Equipment, and Phones

These days you can’t operate without a phone and a computer. Of course, this also means you’ll need external storage, a printer, a phone, and a decent Wi-Fi connection. You might want to get a laptop if your business requires you to visit clients or if you work from home.

2.   Kitchen Appliances

Let’s face it, we all need a cup of joe first thing in the morning and most of us don’t have a chance to do it until we get to the office. A fridge is a must for those of us who bring lunch to the office, especially in hot places and well, drinking water is a bare necessity of life.

3.   Presentation Tools

A whiteboard, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, markers … You basically need anything that’ll help you take notes as well as delete, highlight, and erase them. You also need tools like markers to make presentations with drawing charts, diagrams, graphs and highlight concepts on your board along with an eraser to make corrections. Investing in these tools is particularly necessary if you make a lot of presentations and want them to be successful.

4.   Organizing Tools

It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, you’ll probably have to organize documents and samples at some point so keep a good stash of post-its, rubber bands, paper clips, scissors. Be sure to have a stapler and enough staples. A staple remover and scissors are also a must for separating files, opening envelopes, cutting labels, tape, etc. So, keep some around. Don’t forget the sticky notes!

5.   Planning Tools and Filing Systems

A daily planner with a calendar is a must for any desk so as to set those daily notes to self and keep track of your meetings and deadlines. Of course, you also need a good filing system and folders to neatly organize and store your documents.

6.   Mailing Supplies

You just never know when you’ll need to mail a sample or a document so keep some cardboard boxes, envelopes, and stamps around. Be sure to have some glue and tape handy to safely pack it all.

7.   Desk Organizer

Everyone has a junk drawer that’s way too cluttered. A desk organizer can help you keep it from getting worse and help you save space by keeping away anything you don’t need. This is a great way to keep the important stuff right at your fingertips.

8.   First-Aid Kit

Finally, any office must have basic first-aid kits around to treat minor injuries like paper cuts or aid someone with an allergy. Furthermore, keeping one around comes in handy for many other things, for instance, having alcohol around is great for disinfecting your desk from time to time.

Office supplies are still a must for businesses, whether you’re getting a new one off the ground or setting up a home office. Keeping a good stash of everything you need will help you provide the best possible service to your customers. For more information on office supplies get in touch with Catholic Purchasing Services for a free consultation!

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