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Enhancing Safety and Hospitality in Religious Settings

Eastern Solar Glass is proud to be part of Catholic Purchasing Services. Helping religious institutions provide a welcoming and safe environment is our goal.

A key for any building where a community comes together is a well-maintained physical structure that provides those inside with a safe and comfortable environment. Whether the activity is to learn, work, or worship, visitors and staff need to feel secure in their surroundings. All of these factors are especially important for religious institutions as, unfortunately, more are susceptible to security risks.

The weakest points in any building are glass windows and doors. While beautiful, they are susceptible to natural occurrences such as storms, and man-made threats such as active shooters and bomb blasts.

One way churches and their schools can enhance the security of their facilities is by installing security window film. This specialty film helps mitigate attacks on glass windows and doors while still preserving the look and aesthetics of a building.

The film works by holding shattered glass in place which protects individuals from flying shards. It also helps deter intruders by slowing down attackers, which gives those inside more time to react and seek out safety. This important time also gives law enforcement critical minutes to respond to a situation.

Because it is nearly transparent when installed on glass, there is no detraction to views from the inside out, and natural light can still flow through the entire space. In addition when compared to other measures such as security glass, security window film is a cost-effective investment.

Other Films And Their Uses

Eastern Solar Glass installs many other types of window film which help facilities in a variety of ways,
from lowered energy costs to assisting in the classroom. We offer:

Solar Window Film

3M’s Post-it Flex Write Surface

Feather Friendly Bird Strike Film

Anti-Graffiti Film

Casper Cloaking Film

Privacy and Decorative Film

The professionals of Eastern Solar Glass can provide a recommendation for the security window film that fits the specific needs of your religious institution.

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