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Implementing physical security is a proactive step to ensure your organization’s safety. With a well-designed system, you can eliminate worries about the protection of your buildings and equipment. The Cook & Boardman Group’s Security Integration Division is one of the nation’s largest providers of integrated security solutions, offering physical security, access control, wireless networking, audio/visual solutions, and managed information technology products.

Enhance your organization’s safety in today’s world with our proactive physical security solutions. Trust in our well-designed systems to safeguard your buildings and equipment and eliminate worry. As one of the largest providers of integrated security solutions nationwide, The Cook & Boardman Group’s Security Integration Division offers expertise in physical security, access control, wireless networking, audio/visual solutions, and managed IT products. Our certified team is dedicated to strengthening your organization’s security. Seize this opportunity to elevate your security with our top-notch service and industry expertise.

Physical Security

Stay at the forefront of innovation with our top security solutions and unique framework. As physical threats and the demand for updated security technology grow, securing your assets is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re securing multiple facilities, events, or a single storefront, you need a reliable system in place.

We offer comprehensive security solutions, including:

  • Video Surveillance &
  • Access Control
  • Video Management
  • Analytics
  • Body-Worn Cameras
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency Communications

With innovative solutions from top-rated brands, our team will work with you to create a solution that checks all your boxes.

Network Infrastructure/Enterprise Networking

Transform your network infrastructure for the future. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape and with data expanding at an unprecedented rate, the demands on networks continue to surge. Traditional network approaches no longer suffice to tackle these advancements or combat new threats. At CBG, our engineers leverage a unique framework to assess your current infrastructure and provide tailored recommendations based on industry standards and best practices. We thoroughly analyze all critical aspects of your network environment, encompassing connectivity, cybersecurity, and cabling backbone, to deliver a state-of-the-art network solution that evolves in sync with your organization. Embrace the future with: Wireless access points, Switches Firewall, Mobile Connectivity, Structured Cabling.


Experience the power of our advanced A/V solutions, designed to facilitate rapid exchange of vital information and new ideas with utmost efficiency. In today’s world, this capability is no longer optional – it’s expected. – Interactive panels – Mass notification – Classroom audio – Paging

Unified Communications

Discover a seamless unified communications platform that simplifies the user experience for both end users and system administrators, enabling more effective connections than ever before. – Hosted & managed telephony – Collaboration – Service & maintenance agreements – Post-installation service – Scheduled maintenance – Troubleshooting

The CBG Difference

The Cook & Boardman Group is the nation’s leading distributor of commercial doors, frames & hardware, electronic access control equipment, and specialty (Division 10) products. The company is also one of the nation’s fastest-growing providers of integrated security solutions – including physical security, access control, wireless networking, low voltage cabling, audio/visual and managed information technology products.

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