Why Early Childhood Educators Need Preschool Furniture

Why Early Childhood Educators Need Preschool Furniture

When you think about school furniture, you likely picture full-size desks or tables with separate chairs. The most important detail in that mental image of school furniture is the size of the furniture. Large desks and chairs are fine for older children, but what about preschoolers who are still too small for that grown-up design? Luckily, preschool furniture is specifically designed to be the perfect size for students in pre-k. Getting the right type of furniture as an early childhood educator is important for more than 1 reason, so let’s dig in!

Student Safety

Kids are less likely to get injured on the furniture if it’s appropriately sized for their age range. Larger furniture raises the risk of trips, falls, and other unfortunate accidents. Keeping your students safe should always be the top priority! Taller furniture requires young children to climb up and down from the seat, making any movement a potential safety hazard.

Extra Space

Smaller furniture takes up less space. By using preschool-sized furniture in the classroom, you’ll be opening up extra space for whatever activities you plan for your students. Being able to spread out without bumping into furniture is a huge perk! Smaller furniture will truly make it feel like you added square footage to the classroom without starting construction!

Spark Creativity

Children are more likely to open up their creative side if they’re in an environment that feels inviting and safe. They will quickly recognize that the preschool furniture isn’t the same size as furniture they see everywhere else. They’ll feel excited, motivated, and right at home in your classroom! Creative students are happy and happy students are more susceptible to new information than an annoyed student who’s already ignoring everything you’re saying.

Add Structure

It’s hard to focus without a comfortable area to study, regardless of your age. Preschool furniture will put students at the perfect height and add plenty of stability for a comfortable workspace. Giving students a structured and supportive working environment is proven to boost their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and confidence! Tables or chairs there are too tall often lead to unstable hands, which will quickly become frustrating to a preschooler who’s just trying to learn something new!

Contact Catholic Purchasing Services today to schedule a consultation for new preschool furniture. Rather you need a fresh start or just a few new pieces to complete what you already have; Catholic Purchasing Services is happy to help transform your classroom one piece of furniture at a time. Making the switch to preschool will liven up your classroom and excite students for a fresh start to the 2021 school year. After a tough 2020, everyone needs some extra positivity and excitement in their life!

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