Case Study – St. Edward School

St. Edward School

Location:  Nashville, TN

Time Frame:  2024

Suppliers Involved:  MediaTechnologies

St Edward School is part of a well-known Roman Catholic community in Nashville. For over 70 years this vibrant parish school has been faithfully serving PreK to 8th grade students and families. SES embarked on an innovative plan to update its Science and Technology labs. Wishing to retain the traditional science lab space, which was donated, Assistant Principal Dr. Yvonne Araujo led the effort to blend old with new by adding more flexible and collaborative “learning pods” from Media Technologies. The revised space features 4 new pods, made up of Crayon Media Tables with Pocket Lounge Curved Benching, in each corner of the room. Crescent Ottomans and Bella Chairs accompany the table, while Bella Stools provide more seating at a café-height counter attached to the back of the Pocket Lounge. The bright seating colors and light maple finish on the tables freshen up the entire room. Students love the versatile pods, that both facilitate collaboration, and provide ample seating choices for every style of learner. Nessie Benches, soft-style stadium seating, were also part of this update, and are an excellent option for group lectures – plus they nest for easy space-saving storage. SES, what a wonderful way to reimagine existing spaces as dynamic learning places!

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