Benefits of Virco Collaborative Chairs

Modern educational practices in the US are moving more and more to collaborative work instead of solely individual learning. Companies like Virco are introducing several new furniture items that facilitate collaborative learning to make that easier for students and teachers alike. Here are a few of the top benefits of Virco collaborative chairs.

They’re Multifunctional

Many of the Virco collaborative items allow for different configurations. For example, cafeteria bench tables convert into full benches with a backrest, turning the lunchroom into an auditorium. In addition, collaborative desks and chairs are easy to nest together or separate quickly. That means you can have student groups review for a test together and then quickly separate each desk for individual exam-taking.

Keep Up With Best Practices

Project-based learning (PBL) is a growing education style that focuses on collaboration and real-world applications of new knowledge. Virco collaborative chairs make it easy for teachers to begin implementing PBL curriculum in their classrooms without making single-student quizzes, exams, or practices harder to do.

Keep Students on Their Toes

While assigned seating works in some situations, it’s helpful to move seating around for different activities. Collaborative chairs allow you to change the classroom configuration depending on the lesson, project, or class group. And because these items are so easy to move around, changing the setup won’t add much time to an already busy schedule.

Show School Pride

Virco collaborative chairs come in a variety of colors. Many schools opt for chairs and other furniture in their school color. However, for certain situations, especially in younger grades, selecting chairs in different colors makes it easy to group students for reading time or craft activities. Alternatively, using different colored chairs in large spaces like the library or cafeteria can help keep classes together in a designated area.

Choose Your Comfort

Virco offers seating with a variety of comfort options. Some options include soft padding, while others are more firm. Additionally, accompanying desks can be raised to standing height to accommodate different student approaches to learning.

Get Better Use of Technology

Any teacher nowadays knows that technology is vital in the classroom. Students across the nation regularly use tablets and laptops to complete assignments, while teachers rely on SMART Boards to share lessons and videos with the whole class. However, it’s pretty difficult to organize a room where each student can see the board and work effectively with a group. Collaborative chairs allow a front-facing configuration for lessons to be quickly switched to a pair or group configuration for practice or projects.

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