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Catholic Purchasing and AmTab Serve Up Innovative Furnishings
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Through our partnership, we’ve delivered high-quality products, services – and peace of mind –  to Catholic Schools across the country, saving time and money. Our Design Services are unparalleled in the industry, offering graphic and color designs, helping to infuse color, school spirit, and a contemporary feel, across a variety of spaces.

K-12 Environments

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K-12 Environments

Refresh and invigorate your dining spaces with AmTab mobile cafeteria tables. All tables are fully mobile, with hydraulic mechanisms for easy folding and storage. Our construction features high-pressure laminate on both the top and bottom of the tables to increase durability. Unique to the industry, our cafeteria stool selection features an extra-large option with a 400 lb. weight capacity. At AmTab we are proud to serve our K-12 customers a menu of high-quality and durable cafeteria seating and dining options with a color selection that is unprecedented in the industry, bringing to life spaces for better student enjoyment. School customer surveys indicate that improved dining spaces contribute to increased happiness among students, but also a 15% – 25% increase in student participation in nutrition programs, and overall growth in school revenues.

Buy American

Often times, products and materials are not produced in the USA because margins are the driving force. That is not the case at AmTab. At AmTab the driving force is YOU. All of AmTab’s products and materials are 100% made and produced in the USA. We don’t cut any corners in the name of quality and that has been one of the corner-stones of the AmTab culture. Customers that partner with AmTab get the highest quality products that are unmatched in the industry.

Create Your Dream Learning Environment

It’s time to modernize your learning environment and the best way to begin is with AmTab’s signage, graphics, and decor!

Adding a splash of color to your dining commons, gymnasiums, libraries, and public areas has a positive impact. AmTab has an interior design team, environmental team, graphic design team, and a print production team to help modernize your environment. Whether you are looking for decor & graphics, window graphics, layered artwork, 3D lettering, floor graphics or paint decor, AmTab is your one stop solution.

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AmTab can help transform your dated spaces into energetic learning environments.

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