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Admoveo Systems has been delivering quality Public Address Speaker Systems, Synchronized Clock Systems, and School Bell Systems since 2012. Our customers enjoy high-quality products supported by a three-year warranty.

Quality is one element of our customer commitment. Our project management and technical understanding enable us to deliver fully configured systems to customers so they have a worry-free purchase, installation, and years of maintenance-free use.

School PA Speaker System

PA Speaker Systems offers several operational advantages for schools. The top three are:

1. Live Paging or Announcements
2. Emergency Communications
3. Bell Scheduling

Admoveo Systems’ Speaker Systems are available in Wi-Fi and POE. The systems are preconfigured before shipping and come with free training and live technical support, ensuring a smooth installation with top-notch training. The product is simple to use, easy to install, and requires no maintenance.

Wireless and Wi-Fi Clock Systems

Admoveo Systems’ wireless clock systems provide schools with the convenience of accurate, reliable, synchronized analog or LED digital clocks.

Having all the clocks display the same time maximizes teaching time and creates a more effective flow to the school day. These clocks automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time, saving you the time and effort of manually changing them twice a year.

Admoveo Systems’ wireless clock systems offer the flexibility to locate the clocks in the most optimal location. These clocks can be placed wherever needed, whether wireless (RF) or connected to the school’s Wi-Fi. They can operate on batteries that last five years or via AC power, allowing you to choose the most suitable power option.

School Bell Systems

A bell system for schools is an essential element in supporting the building of a thriving educational environment. Admoveo Systems offers two bell systems for schools.

Option 1: Ringing of Physical Bells or Buzzers at a Scheduled Time

The Bell Controller connects to your network, and the physical bells are wired to it. You can have multiple schedules, with one active schedule at a time.

Option 2: Playing a Bell Tone over a Speaker(s).

  • This system allows bell scheduling, live announcements, and emergency announcements.
  • The bell scheduling feature allows an audio file to be played at the scheduled time. The sound can be a bell, buzzer, chime, or customized audio file.
  • Live announcements can be made from multiple authorized points.
  • Pre-recorded emergency messages can be played when necessary. Emergencies can include weather warnings, lockdowns, or any other type of emergency.
  • Speakers can be zoned or grouped. The broadcast can be to an individual speaker, a group of speakers, or all the speakers.

School Emergency Systems

An audio emergency notification system for schools is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of students, staff, visitors, and faculty during critical situations.

Loudspeaker systems typically include indoor and outdoor facilities. IP speakers can be used for both indoor and outdoor speakers. Horn speakers are the preferred outdoor speakers because they are engineered for their broadcast to cover a large area.

The ability to easily group or zone speakers provide for your broadcast only to be projected at the area you want to receive the coverage.

Emergency Outdoor Speakers are use for campuses or large gathering areas where the need for mass notification is the key. Audio mass notification communication systems provide the most effective form of communication. The people that are affected by an emergency crave information. They need guidance on what steps to take. We have a number of options to provide the perfect solution for your organization.

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